Why AIDS is happened

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is decreasing immune body system desease. It caused by a virus is called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), this is very dangerous. Do you know how this virus is worked?

In victim’s body of AIDS, HIV weaken immuno body system continuously and distrub some of trombosit cells, that is T-helper Cell or T4 Cell. It is very important for prevent infection by virus, from this cell our body will be known if infection is happened. So that, if it is broken body can’t produce antibody which can attack and disturb a dangerous virus or bacteria.

Beginning virus come in our body, as long as 2-7 months virus…….. can’t be detected. This fase is called ‘window fase’. After that if the victim have done for blood checked and positive they is called HIV+ (HIV Possitive) although  nothing differences in the body, moreover they can do all of their activity in every day. But since the virus come in the body, trombosit cells was damaged. Then 5-10 years immune system will be bad and broken, the victim can called AIDS+ or victim of AIDS. In this fase many infection is happened in the body, like fungus desease, cancer, venereal desease and etc. Then after 1-2 years the victim of AIDS will be die by many kind infection in their body.

Many ways of cause AIDS is contaminated. And from the examination, 75-85 % AIDS transmission by sexual activity, 5-10 % by homosexual, 5-10 % caused by contaminated hypodermic, specially for narcotics consumer, 3-5 % by blood tranfussion. Moreover AIDS can spread by mother whom victim of AIDS to her baby. In Indonesia 18.442 AIDS ceses is happened, but this cases is ice mountaint event. It’s mean many cases of AIDS didn’t known.

So, AIDS is one of many dangerous desease which caused death, and we as a teenager must know and understand about sexuality and desease of that. Let’s avoid freesex activity, because it is most of many causes AIDS is happened.


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